Strapping Buckles Sherardized

Steel Strapping Buckles - 2 versions

  • Galvanized for PP, PET and Hotmelt strapping
  • Sherardized for Composite and Woven Strapping

As an alternative to sherardising, buckles made of chemically blackened wire are offered in the market. The result is an even smoother surface and thus less grip.
Chemically blackened strapping buckles are often sold as an alternative to sherardising, but this is not comparable.

Sherardising or diffusion galvanising involves applying a layer of zinc powder filled with fine sand.
This not only makes the buckles rust-proof, it also gives them a much higher grip than blackened or galvanised wire.

Veltkamp buckles are sherardised in accordance with the EN ISO 14713 standard.

Suitable for strapping type:

  • Glued Polyester (Hot melt)
  • Coextruded Polyester (Composite)
  • Polyester Woven
  • Woven Polypropylene
Info Sherardized Buckles

Sherardization is green

  • no chemical pretreatment is required
  • it is a closed, energy-efficient galvanising process
  • it is a dry diffusion in the gas phase of zinc
  • our waste streams are non-hazardous and are recycled
  • sherardised products have a long life and require little maintenance

Do not rust - also suitable for sea transport