Ratchet Strap - R505010E
Ergo - 10 m - 50 mm - 5000 daN

Veltkamp Ratchet Straps

  • according to the EN 12195 standard

  • Standard and Ergo (long handle) versions

  • different lengths, fittings or tensile strengths on request

  • specific color band and printing on request

  • certified by DNV Business Assurance

Type R50510E - Ergo
Article number R505010 - ERGO
Length 10 m
Lgl \ Lgf 9.6 / 0.4 m
Fittings 2 J hooks - welded
LC - linear 2500 daN
LC - system 5000 daN
Breaking strength (according to ASTM D-3950-17) minimum 7500 daN
Standard Hand Force (SHF) 50 daN = approx. 50 kg - the maximum tightening force sufficient to achieve the STF value
Standard Tension Force (STF) 500 daN
Band width 50 mm
Executed and tested according to EN12195-2
DNV certificate 4572-DNVGL-01
Quality: Lashing Capacity (LC) versus Breaking Strength (BS) According to EN 12195, the Lashing Capacity (LC) must be at least 30% of the Breaking Strength (BS).
However, the BS does not have to be mentioned on the label.
In many cases, an LC is given that is too high compared to the BS.
In practice, because of the price, lashings are often sold with a lower breaking strength than stated on the label, with all the associated risks.
Additional options Different lengths, fittings, colours or custom printing are available on request.
Fake certificates A large part of the lashing straps in the market are not certified according to EU standards, at most they can provide a Chinese 'certificate'.
Comments SHF = Standard Hand Force = the optimal hand force to tighten the tensioner. This is not known to many users.
They tighten the strap as hard as possible, resulting in rapid aging of the ratchet and damage to the load.
Tightening it harder is therefore pointless.
The strap is made of polyester. Under the influence of ambient temperature and movements of the vehicle, the STF falls back to the standard value in a short time.
Ergo lashing strap - 10 m - 50 mm - 6 m - 5000 daN - R505010E - Veltkamp BV

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