Moisture-free crate and machine packaging
Type Desiccant for crate and machine packaging
Available in 4 DME = 30201932
8 DME = 30201933
16 DME = 30201934
32 DME = 30201935
More environmentally friendly packaging Packaging material dust-free or dust-tight
Certificate Certified according to DIN 55473, also meets the requirements of MIL-D-3464E
Material Contains natural dry clay as a drying agent
Application Protects goods against corrosion, mold and other moisture damage during transport and storage
Low dust The outer material of low-dust CertiDry consists of a textile fabric of individual fibers with high water vapor permeability in accordance with DIN 55473. It is described as low-dust because the sanding of the beads produces only a few dust particles, which can then pass through the outer material. According to DIN 55473, low-dust means that a maximum of 10 mg of dust per desiccant unit can escape from the covering material.
Dustproof With the outer material of dust-free (dust-tight) CertiDry, according to DIN 55473, a maximum of 1 mg of dust may escape from the packaging material of dust-tight materials, regardless of the number of desiccant units. The membrane of these wrapping materials has such a high density that almost nothing can escape. Tyvek®, which consists of a continuous fiber, is suitable as a material of this type. The absence of fiber ends in the material leads to less abrasion, resulting in less dust being produced. It is also considered to be extremely tear and moisture resistant and leak proof.
These properties allow the dry bag to absorb moisture for extended periods of time.