Strapping Buckles Galvanized

For the quality of Strapping Buckles (Buckles) it is important that:

  • they are flat and rectangular

  • the steel wire is strong enough

  • the legs are long enough not to be pulled through the base

  • the strapping can be tightened straight

  • the construction of the junction is strong enough

  • the angled leg is used as the tensioning side

Suitable for strapping types:

  • Extruded Polypropylene (PP)
  • Glued Polyester (Hot melt)
  • Extruded Polyester (Composite)
  • Woven Polyester
Info Galvanized Buckles

Many suppliers:

  • use not the linear, but the system strength just to arrive at a higher value

  • give a tensile strength of their buckles, which is useless, since it is the combination of strapping with the right buckle that matters

  • use a thinner steel wire and supply a lower number per box in order to achieve a lower price

  • do not measure tensile strength and do not pay attention to quality

There are no standards for strapping and buckles in Europe. Because of the importance of safety and damage prevention, Veltkamp uses the American ASTM 3950 standard in its production. This indicates that the combination of strapping and buckle must achieve a tensile strength of at least 55% of the tensile strength of the strapping in a linear tensile test. Veltkamp checks and tests for this during production. The buckles in combination with the strapping are certified by DNV