Benefits Cargo Chock
Safe, fast, flexible and efficient

Important advantages for carriers and clients

• Developed in cooperation with Stora Enso

• Certified by Dekra Germany

• Specifically aimed at horizontal coil transport

• Suitable for coil diameters up to Ø 1.50 meters

• Model tested and approved by all leading paper mills in Europe

• Manufactured by Veltkamp BV in the Netherlands, solid quality

• Chocks with nails in the loading floor are superfluous and no longer allowed

• Paperline trailers are also superfluous

• Saves time during loading and unloading

Cargo Chock - CC125 - Veltkamp B.V. - paper transport

• Suitable for coil diameters from 0.8 m to 1.42 m

• Suitable for all horizontal coil transport, whether paper, steel, aluminium, foil, etc.

• Can be supplied with your own company sticker with your logo, batch number and
   specific QR code

• During checks and inspections, this QR code can be read directly, showing not only
  your company details,   but also certificates, instructions for use, etc.

• Versions available for both road and rail transport

• The rail version has been tested and approved by Dekra and Deutsche Bahn

Transport paper coils - Veltkamp BV - Cargo Chock - CC125

Fast and safe loading and unloading - Damage-free transport