Information Lifting Slings

Information Lifting Slings

There are 4 types of lifting slings available as standard:

     VLS - single layer polyester with loops
     VLD - double layer polyester with loops
     VES - single layer polyester endless
     VED - double layer polyester endless

Standard safety factor is 7 : 1. For example, a 2-ton tire may only break at 14 tons.

In some cases, a safety factor of 5 : 1, also known as one-way, is used.
This is only intended for one-off transport to the final destination and must then be destroyed.

EN-Standards and Machinery Directive

Our round slings comply with the European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, have a CE mark and comply with EN 1492-1.

Inspection and maintenance

For safety reasons, round slings must be inspected at least once a year in accordance with the latest guidelines.
This should only be done by a competent person.
The user must also check the round slings before and after use for damage and contamination.

Deviating lengths and tonnages

What is mentioned on the website are the standard lifting slings.

Deviating lengths and tonnages are available on request.

This also applies to Dyneema lifting slings.

Dyneema is extremely wear-resistant, cut-resistant and 80% lighter than steel cable and 59% lighter than polyester. In practice, this means significantly lower labor costs.

Furthermore, Dyneema does not absorb moisture and is highly resistant to acids, bases and microorganisms.

Different fittings

The lifting slings can also be supplied with fittings such as single triangles and push-through triangles on request.