Corner Protector
CP40 - with guide ribs - 40mm


  • with right inner angle = 90°
  • with side edges to prevent the strapping from slipping off
  • for use on a harder and softer surface, for example cardboard, but also stone, glass, etc.
  • the CP40 was developed and is manufactured by Veltkamp
  • made of recycled material, without waste
  • this product can also be recycled again
  • production on energy-efficient injection moulding machines
Type CP40
Article number 6.044840
For a bandwidth up to 40 mm
Dimensions A = 40 mm
B = 48 mm
C = 53 mm
D = 35 mm
Suitable for for use on a hard surface, e.g. wood or steel
Material Recycled Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)
Resin Identification Code 04
Quantity per box 1000
Number of units per pallet 36000
Weight per box 7 kg
Weight pallet (incl. pallet) 274 kg
Tolerance dimensions +/- 5 %
Tolerance weights +/- 7 %

Production of the CP40